Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat
  • Mobula 8, a pollution control boat

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Technical specifications

FunctionMulti-purpose pollution control boat
Designed byManta Innovation
Manufactured byEFINOR Sea Cleaner
Certification BodyBureau Veritas
RegulationDivision 222
Motorisation 90-150 CV
TransportBy road or by standard 40-foot container
UsersNational authorities, local authorities, companies, ports, marina managers, etc.
Hull length9.20 m
Hull width2.10 m
Hull width with inflatable floats3.40 m
Solid waste capacity2,400 kg - (5 to 8 m3)
Liquid waste capacity600 litres
Cleaning speedAbout 2 knots
Maximum speed7-10 knots
Cleaning widthAbout 4 m
Cleaning depthAbout 0.4 m
Lightweight2,400 kg
Medium draught0.80 m
Crew2-3 people

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Mobula 8, a pollution control boat

Product description

The MOBULA 8 is a multi-purpose clean-up solution for coastal and inland calm waters. Created by MANTA INNOVATION and EFINOR SEA CLEANER, the MOBULA 8 is equipped with bespoke unique and innovative technology specially designed for collecting floating solid and liquid waste.

Because it's so diverse, it's perfect for cleaning calm and protected waters, slow- and quick-moving rivers, canals, mangroves, lake areas, coastal areas up to 5 miles off the coast, and even shallow waters. It was also specifically designed to easily access these areas, and can be transported by road or using a container.

It can switch from transit to collection mode in less than 30 seconds! It's ready to start collecting waste! Are you?

Brief description

As a truly autonomous waste collection station, the Mobula 8 boasts several unique ways for collecting solid and liquid waste and cleaning polluted areas.

  • Simultaneous collection of macro-waste, micro-waste (mainly for scientific purposes) and liquid waste (oils, hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • Cleaning capacity of 15,000m² per hour
  • Collection of floating solid and liquid waste, up to a depth of 0.4m
  • 4 m wide collection span thanks to concentrating arms installed at the front of the boat
  • Waste suction from 2.5 to 4m upstream of the boat
  • Solid waste storage capacity of 5 to 8m3 (2,400 kg) in big bags
  • Liquid waste storage capacity: 600 litres
  • Hazardous waste stored in dedicated containers

A waste collection solution with a minimal carbon footprint

The MOBULA 8 has been designed to have a minimal environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

Its structure is made of aluminium, which is entirely recyclable, but also extremely sturdy and capable of withstanding many different environmental conditions. Most importantly, it is also light, which allows it to significantly reduce its fuel consumption.

An analysis of the life cycle of the boat, carried out by Capgemini Engineering, showed that the MOBULA 8 is an environmentally efficient solution. In fact, its environmental impacts (for example, the extraction of raw materials for its construction, propulsion, fuel consumption during collection, maintenance, and waste valorisation) are smaller than the environmental benefits it generates.

Proven and patented EFINOR technologies

The Mobula 8 has been awarded many well-known and recognised certifications, including :

  • Efficiency demonstrated through OHMSETT and CEDRE tests
  • Project accredited by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
  • Bureau Veritas certification for structure and stability
  • Approval by French Maritime Affairs
  • Patented dual-flow extraction technology 

Nature: a source of inspiration

The MOBULA boat series is named after the Mobula ray, also known as the eagle ray. These rays are very similar to manta rays, but differ from them in that their mouths are under their bodies rather than on the front.

The largest species is the Mediterranean Mobula mobular, which can reach a wingspan of 5 m, weighs one ton and performs spectacular jumps over the water's surface.

In the same way, the MOBULA 8 and 10 resemble the MANTA, TheSeaCleaners' iconic waste removal boat. They share its goals and mission of collecting plastic waste, while being smaller, more agile and able to operate in narrower and shallower areas.