Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag
  • Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag

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Technical specifications

FunctionCollection bag for submerged and floating waste
DesignerManta Innovation
ManufacturerMode Estime
MaterialMade of recycled materials:
Polyester fabric + nylon mesh + nylon drawstring
DimensionsL 300 x H400 mm or L 400 x H 600 mm
Number of itemsBag + drawstring (sewn in)
WeightAbout 100g
Payload5 kg
UsersDivers, snorkelers, swimmers, etc.
Polyester fabricRecycled French and European flags provided by Mode Estime and Ateliers Le Mée
Nylon meshMade from Click-Dive's cleaned and recycled fishing nets
DrawstringRecycled nylon by Gauthier & Fils

Belubag, the underwater waste collection bag


Product description

Made in France from recycled materials, the BELUBAG has been designed to equip scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers, who want to clean up while underwater.

It is the ideal companion for underwater collection. 

Since our bags are made from recycled materials, each one of them is unique. We have included example photos, but please be aware that the bag you receive may look different.


Created by Manta Innovation, with and for divers, it's ideal for the aquatic world.

The bottom of the bag is meshed to let the water flow through, but the sides are not. Why not? To prevent waste from getting stuck in the mesh. This way, we save the diver a tedious job... of cleaning the cleaning bag.


The BELUBAG is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

The mesh portion comes from abandoned fishing nets that were collected, cleaned and re-cut by a specialist company called Click Dive. The solid portion, made of polyester fabric, comes from scraps of flags from Ateliers le Mée. The drawstring is made from recycled nylon from the company Gauthier Fils. But that's not all: to recycle it, all you have to do is unstitch it!


The BELUBAG has been designed to hold any waste that can usually be picked up with one hand, including the smallest objects.

Since the mesh at the bottom of the bag cannot hold the small pieces of waste, we have added a pocket inside, which is easily accessible and resealable. You can use that pocket for hooks, bottle caps, can lids... and even the whole bag when it comes to storing it!


The BELUBAG is 100% made in France, and is also a solidarity product!

All of its materials come from France. Better still, it's manufactured by Mode Estime, a social integration initiative in the Paris region specialising in professional reintegration. The BELUBAG therefore generates, on its own scale, employment and training.


The BELUBAG can be used in all kinds of aquatic environment.

Coastal waters, shallow waters, seas, lakes, rivers, harbours... you can take it anywhere and it will not deteriorate as long as you rinse it well after each use. Some people like it so much that they also use it to collect waste on the beach!