Submerged waste

The Belubag: the essential pollution control solution for divers

They are lovers of the sea and passionate about the oceans: divers are the first witnesses of the damage caused by plastic pollution on the environment and biodiversity. To fight against the scourge of submerged waste and involve this community of enthusiasts, Manta Innovation has developed a brand new solution: the Belubag.

Manta Innovation has been working hand-in-hand with The SeaCleaners since its inception in 2018. Responsible for the development of the Manta, a unique ambassador boat, MI’s team is composed of 8 engineers, who are now developing several other waste recovery and depollution solutions in parallel. Among them, the Belubag, an eco-responsible product, in solidarity with both humans and the oceans.

“Until now, underwater collection bags were not very developed, and none were made of recycled and recyclable materials. It is a bit ironic to propose bags to clean up the oceans, which in turn pollute.”

Manta Innovation had the idea of developing a bag made from recycled materials, manufactured in France, in a short circuit. The Belubag was designed to meet the constraints imposed by underwater collection, to facilitate its use and make it efficient. 

An eco-designed and responsible bag

Mode Estime is located on the Ile Saint-Denis, a few kilometers from Paris. Thanks to its professional integration workshop, this association helps people in a vulnerable physical, psychological and/or social situation to retrain and participates in the development of the circular economy by offering eco-designed products.

Manta Innovation decided to join forces with them to launch the production of Belubags. Made from flag scraps provided to Mode Estime, initially by the Île-de-France region and by Europe, the Belubag also bears the colors of France thanks to donations of tricolored flags provided by the Breton company Les ateliers Le Mée.

The Brittany region has also subsidized the development and testing of the Belubag, which will be an integral part of a “multi-purpose pollution control kit” offered by Manta Innovation.. 

A collection bag designed by divers, for divers

In order to better respond to the needs of marine cleaners, Manta Innovation launched a questionnaire to the large community of divers. Among them, Olivier Linardon, President of the NSA (Nettoyeurs SubAquatiques). Formed in Arcachon, this club of enthusiasts is entirely dedicated to cleaning up the seabed. As such, Olivier and his teammates were already using bags, but they were neither designed to collect waste in the water, nor were they designed in compliance with ethical and sustainable standards.

 It is therefore quite natural that the NSA association and Manta Innovation joined forces to develop an effective, innovative, environmentally friendly and solidarity-based product. By combining their expertise, their feedback and their ideas, the Belubag was born, along with an underwater collection guide developed with the SeaCleaners association and the FFESSM. 

To order the Belubag, click here: Belubag, the collection bag for submerged waste